And now: music!

The episodes, which deal with the idea of instruments, are dedicated to the bagpipes pure, without accompanying instruments, without band arrangement. But since each of us who has presented the different bagpipe types would also like to show how they sound in the band context, we dedicate a whole episode to the music.

As a representative for the shepherd's pipe I chose my band Silja pipes'n'strings with a set "Schartlusie / Shabbes Backwards March", Simon Pfisterer proposed for the Uilleann Pipes 3 on the Bund and a set of 2 reels "The Singing Stream / Gortovale Rock" and Brian Haase represents the market bag with his band Fabula Aetatis and the piece "Riementanz". Enjoy!

Information about the bands

Music sources

The Singing Stream

Gortovale Rock

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