About me

I received a classical training in recorder and guitar until I finally discovered the bagpipes and European dance music for me. For several years Now I have been travelling across Europe at various festivals and events, either as a soloist, with one of the fixed bands or as a guest musician.

Courses from a wide range of European lecturers, such as Matthias Loibner, Jonathan Swayne (Blowzabella), Julien Barbances (La Machine), Eric Montbel, Olle Gällmo, Anders Norudde (Hedningarna) and Callum Armstrong. In 2017 and 2018, I completed the further education course in Music at the "Academy of Healing Arts". I myself give lessons for shepherd's pipe, bagpipe and market bag, organize my own courses and you can hire me as a lecturer for bagpipe and ensemble and improvisation courses.

Past projects
2012Schandmaul – Pregnancy Representation for Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack
2013 – 2015KlangRauschTreffen – Orgateam
2014 – 2015Filia Irata – Assistant Musician
2012 – 2016Noorder light
2012 – 2017La Compania Los Dilettantos