Tuunstohlen are the flat German garden chairs. And on a cosy spring afternoon on the northern edge of the Lüneburger Heide, three musicians had settled on them with their instruments. Kristina Künzel, who has long since made a name for herself in the TradTanz scene with her shepherd pipes, sackpipes and medieval bagpipes and has already been on tour with Schandmaul, Marcel Campos, who has been on the Hamburg pop scene with his guitar for years and on this spring afternoon for the first time he reached for the cittern and Stefan Kuna-Wagenhuber, who has been playing classical music on the cello since childhood and had only recently discovered the shepherd’s pipe for himself. Three musicians with different musical roots, but on this cosy spring afternoon they had three things in common: the love of drone music, the joy of trying out and a comfortable Tuunstohlen under the Pöter. Tuunstohlen play för de Danz – traditional dance music from German lands, one or the other folk song and new compositions … groovy Scottish, wild polka, hot mazurka, cuddly waltz … Always varied arranged with shepherd’s pipe, säckpipa, cittern and cello. And always, of course, sitting on the garden chairs from the cosy spring evening on the northern edge of the Lüneburg Heath… the Tuunstohlen.